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Substance Abuse and Addiction


Dr. Rivera-Fernandez holds a Post-doctoral Re-specialization in Psychology with an emphasis in health psychology, substance abuse, and addiction. Academic credentials include Masters in Criminal Justice, Criminology, Social Sciences, Mediation, Hostage Negotiation, among others. An independently licensed alcohol and drug counselor (LADC 1) under the authority of the Bureau of Substance Abuse Services, Department of Public Health of Massachusetts.


Dr. Rivera-Fernandez has served individuals experiencing psychiatric disability, dual diagnosis, substance abuse and addiction, and homelessness. A population comprised of both genders, of eighteen (18) years old or older and from multicultural origins. Also to clients with Serious Emotional Disturbances (SED) under 21 years of age from a broad spectrum of populations, including refugees. As a consultant, holds independent Professional Liability / General Liability Policy for Substance Abuse Services.


Humanitarian, Faith-Based, Nondenominational Services


Dr. Rivera-Fernandez is an ordained minister of pastoral care, who holds theological seminary degrees and certifications in specialties such as pastoral care, clinical pastoral counseling, domestic violence interventions, crisis-and-abuse, alternative dispute interventions, and conflict resolution. Areas of services include pastoral care, social justice-and-advocacy, mediation and conflict resolution, among other humanitarian services.


These services provided to organizations serving and/or directly to individuals experiencing psychiatric disability, dual diagnosis, substance abuse, and addiction, isolation, and homelessness, among others. Services delivered from a multicultural competence perspective through the Wraparound Framework and Systems of Care Philosophy to a broad spectrum of populations and organizations. As a consultant, holds independent Professional Liability / General Liability Policy for Pastoral Care and related services.



Leadership and Management Development


Dr. Rivera-Fernandez holds a Doctoral degree in Organizational Development and Change and a Master’s degree in Business Administration. As an Organizational leader, Dr. Rivera-Fernandez holds over 25 years of robust work history in Business and Executive Management with expertise in developing and executing strategic initiatives, leading organizations to achieve consistent organizational improvements and efficiency. 


Dr. Rivera-Fernandez has also led large-scale projects serving the Department of Education of the Government of Puerto Rico through the services of Caribbean Integrated Development, Corp.  Additionally, his doctoral dissertation examined the elements triggering resistance to change in the Educational Public System of the Puerto Rican culture. This work is entitled “A Case Study of Resistance to Change and Accountability: Investigating Underlying Factors Triggering Resistance to Change in the Department of Education of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico” (Rivera-Fernandez, 2014). Dr. Rivera-Fernandez has also served as faculty member/adjunct professor in postsecondary technical institutions and university colleges, teaching courses in the Business Administration and Criminal Justice programs such as Entrepreneurship, Management, Business Law, Ethics, Criminal Investigation, Rules of Evidence, and Mediation.


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